Safety at home, work, during rest, business.


We will show and teach you what to look for in order to safely protect your home and react properly in a dangerous situation. We will practice with you various FORCE on FORCE scenarios that will check the correctness of your action in a situation that threatens your home mir.


How to plan a vacation to be safe? What to look for? What problems can you face? How can you solve them without escalating the threat.


Our self-defense is the only one suited to each client individually. Why US? The answer is simple, there is not one single best self-defense system. We are the only ones adapting to each work environment so that the employees can realistically exercise in the conditions of everyday work, so that they would be the “hosts” of the possible battlefield!


We will check the safety of your company (security audit). A safe and conscious employee is a safe company. We will organize and secure business trips in Poland and around the world.

 If you are interested, write to us about your needs and we will choose the best program for you as well as your group or family


ul. Wrocławska 53
56-410 Dobroszyce
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ul. Wrocławska 53
56-410 Dobroszyce
woj. Dolnośląskie
51'15.09'N, 17'19.65'E

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